I got my start in the mid-90′s playing in bands. I eventually ended up in Gainesville, FL for college at UF and my band landed a gig at The Covered Dish (RIP) which was the best venue in the city at the time. There were tons of awesome shows there like Jawbreaker, Elliot Smith, Afghan Whigs, Frank Black, etc. After we played there a few times, I got to know the owner Bill Bryson who gave me a job putting up flyers around town, working the door, taking out trash, etc. I was willing to do whatever to get my foot in the door. I started putting together some shows around my band and learned a bit about booking. On the road with my band, l started to learn about touring Dominobet Android.

My band broke up and I later moved to Orlando where I helped open a small music venue downtown called Back Booth. I really didn’t have a ton of experience at the time but the guys opening the venue liked my band and the venue I had worked at so they gave me shot. I did all the booking there for 3 years and as a result of that, I learned a great deal about agencies and how to book talent. We landed a lot of good shows like Damian Marley, Atmosphere, Of Montreal, Peaches, Melt Banana, etc. It was a struggle though because there was a competing venue with a larger capacity, better location and longer history of doing shows. We put up a good fight but we had to get creative to fill our calendar. We started doing some novelty events for a couple reasons – one because we needed events so we could sell drinks to survive and two because it was fun. So I started booking insane shit like Ron Jeremy stand up comedy, Howard Stern personalities, Corey Feldman, wrestling, burlesque shows, circus entertainers, etc. People went crazy for it and we kept selling out shows. It was kind of an inside joke really but it worked .

I was working with this guy Ryan Marshall at the time and we both booked events at the venue. We were always trying to one up each other with the novelty bookings. He had this idea that we should call up Suicide Girls and see if we could get a few girls to do a burlesque show to punk music. This watch  nonton movie online bioskop. The site was gaining popularity but the whole modern tattoo culture was still building. It was at least nowhere as big as it is now. At the time, it was kind of unusual to see these beautiful girls with tattoos. We had hosted more traditional burlesque shows but this was taking it to another level and something that was more relatable to our venue’s audience. Well the show sold out and there were a huge amount of people who couldn’t get in. I told Ryan “we gotta take this on the road.” I called these agents that I did a lot of shows with Christian Bernhardt and Ryan Craven, both at The Agency Group now (but then at Kork Agency) and pitched them the idea. They liked it and SG said ok so we took the thing on the road. For a couple years, we sold out venues all over N. America, UK and Australia. There was a film made about the tour that was released on Epitaph and aired on Showtime. I learned a lot about promoters, deals and touring.

After that experience, I was itching to get back in music. I left the tour and started managing some bands. I also co-founded this label called Fighting Records. We put out some albums by Astronautalis, Whole Wheat Bread, Grand Buffet and some others. I did that for a few years. I learned a bunch about marketing, distribution, the whole process behind making and releasing albums. It was valuable experience. I also kept booking shows and put together an indie music festival with some friends called ANTI POP in Orlando. We did that for 5 years with acts like The National, Hank Williams III, Aesop Rock, Lou Barlow, Bob Mould, Mute Math, Trail of Dead, Conor Oberst, Pete Yorn, etc. performing.

I decided I wanted to get really serious about managing bands. I had a few bands who were getting on tours and building but I was more known as a promoter at this point. This manager I knew from booking shows Mark Mercado and I met up for lunch. He had recently left another management firm and was on his own. He was working with this band Paramore who had released one album on Fueled By Ramen who were starting to build. He knew this other guy Randy Dease who worked with him at this other management firm but had gone on his own as well and co-managed Alter Bridge for awhile. He was leaving that so Mark and him were talking about linking back up and doing something. They were working Agen Sbobet Bola  out of Mercado’s home office at the time. I had an office so I invited them to move in my space. We really had no concrete plan at the time. We just liked each other’s ideas and figured “what do we have to lose. let’s share an office and some resources.” Paramore released “Riot!” which went platinum and was a huge success for Mark. I learned a lot watching him steer that ship.

We decided to form Fly South Music Group and operate under a new umbrella, although at the time our collective clients were individual and we were really mostly just sharing office space and an email address. We knew we all wanted to work together though and figured having a business name was a start. We started co-managing some bands. I was still booking shows and was hired by Firestone Live (1500 capacity venue in downtown Orlando) to handle all talent. Af Firestone I booked a bunch more cool shows like Passion Pit Judi Online Terpercaya , Bad Brains, Girl Talk, Gogol Bordello, Wiz Khalifa, Crystal Castles, Animal Collective, etc. I did that for a couple years.

Mark learned A Day To Remember was looking for management. I went and checked the band out. I thought they were amazing. We met with them a couple times and they hired us. I would imagine them picking us had a lot to do with Mark’s success with Paramore. It was a great opportunity for me though. Mark and I finally got to really work together on something and the band has been super successful. We’re coming up on 2 years now working with them. Through those guys, we met The Devil Wears Prada. Mark and I now co-manage them with Randy. Mark and I also recently signed Falling In Reverse (Epitaph Records) and I just signed The Ghost Inside. I’m really excited about our bands and what we have going on. Fly South has become a true collective effort working as a team with our artists and we are doing awesome things.


As a kid, going back as far as I can remember, punk music, metal music and hardcore were the things that really fueled me. Making music, Going to shows, playing shows, putting on shows and being around trouble were the things that excited me the most. By the time I got to being an adult or staring down the barrel of real life, there was a moment where I really didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to get along. I went to college for one half year to study economics and literally woke up one morning and just told myself it wasn’t for me. I made a commitment to go after what I already knew best. I got an internship, asked all the bands that I was friends with if I could manage them or book them and basically made it a life commitment from there. I wouldn’t make it out to be as easy as that because believe me, it was blood and sweat the whole way up the hill and to this day as a matter of fact but that’s the broad stroke version of how I got this rolling.

Once I made the commitment to chase this path, the biggest thing that helped me make one move to the next was my word. I always delivered on what I said I would do and I never (or at least tried very hard) promised things that seemed unrealistic. Everything’s been a slow and steady wins the race approach. When I got started I was booking bands like Vision, Killing Time and Sheer Terror. Those bands introduced me to Life of Agony and Type O Negative. Type O Negative in many ways changed my life. This was the early/mid 1990’s at the time because it was when they 1st started blowing up getting offered huge tours, tours that really I was in over my head with in terms of connections and knowledge to protect their business. Lucky for me, a bigger company offered me the job if I could bring the band with me and that opened up all sorts of new doors. I then had the chance to sign bands I liked while learning about the business and booking tours that were much bigger in all sorts of genres. That gave me a lot of perspective and it helped me bring a lot of knowledge to the bands that I was passionate about to help them grow. From then to now, its been all about finding bands I love, helping them grow and keeping their momentum on the upswing


There is no name bigger right now in the electronic music scene than Skrillex, and for a good reason. His music is catchy, heavy, and most importantly he’s out there on the road hitting the play button in city after city for sold out crowds. His pavement work has paid off, to say the least, as he’s been on the road seemingly non-stop. With the release of this album you have to wonder:

“How was there time?”

This leads into one of my biggest pet peeves in music: When an artist releases back to back EPs!

Back in the age of music where it was difficult to record, bands put out an EP to maintain interest so they could work harder on a full length album. As he has been on the road a lot this is understandable, however, I feel this album was really just “put together”. 7 tracks doesn’t really cut it for me as a follow up…

Being so short I decided to do our first play by play!

The album starts out with a solid entrance on first track “Right In” into the second track, and the single of the album “Bangarang” (Feat. Sirah). These tracks maintain a good flow with the expected Skrillex wobbles and glitches and add that currently popular female hip hop element with Sirah on “Bangarang”.

The Doors remix / mashup on track 3 “Break’n a Sweat” is one of the least exciting tracks on the album for me. It has a very generic feel and flow for me and honestly one of the weakest tracks on the album.

Track 4 “The Devils Den” (Probably my favorite track) has a very dance like element to it with a faster BPM and catchy synthy hook. With an added breakdown and unique bridge this track has some of the most versatility.

Track 5 is “Right on Time”, another weak track on the album. This really feels like a 4 minute buildup, and most of all, a time killing filler track.

Track 6 “Kyoto ” (Feat. Sirah) has a new Skrillex element to it. The song adds some very industrial-esque guitar combined again with Sirah and her hip hop flavor, and actually getting an entire verse this time. The combination of this is surprisingly refreshing on this album adding a very unique track after listening to the more generic ones.

Stepping into the next track and closer on the album “Summit” (Feat. Ellie Goulding) slows down the pace of the album with a lower BPM, some lightly sung verses, and overall more melodic tune.

To wrap this up, It really is impressive where Sonny Moore, who began to garner fame in the band From First To Last has propelled himself to as Skrillex. As a fan of FFTL & Skrillex, I am stoked his musical career continues to grow to one of the biggest names in electronic music.

His music is undoubtedly good as an electronic producer, but I feel as though the “Bangarang EP” doesn’t really showcase his greatest ability. I’m really excited to see how he transverses what he’s done on his two EP’s into a full-length album.


Don’t know who For Today is? HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?! This band has been all over the map this year. Playing SXSW, Headlining tours, and will be shredding Warped Tour all summer long! If you’re a fan of As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, or Sleeping Giant; For Today is a band you need to check out!

I have been a fan of this band for quite a while, so seeing them on the billboard charts is something I am super stoked on. This has been a band who has been working hard on the tour front so seeing a result from their hard work is awesome.

The first track on the CD titled “The King” begins to set the mood for the album with dissonant strings and samples of various religious quotes leading into the title track “Fearless”. Now the tone for the album really shows; Unafraid to show their faith, or what they believe in, For Today conveys this right away in this track aggressively. If you want to see this in action check out the music video for ”Fearless” that these guys just released.

Listening to the next couple tracks really shows any long time For Today fan how much the band has progressed. You can still expect the For Today sound but I feel as though the writing has matured. One of the best songs that showcases this is the 6th track “Foundation”. Super mesmerizing tapping, catchy chorus, heavy, and overall great songwriting on this track and one of my top picks on the album. Adding to the onslaught there are some rad special guest spots on this album by Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant on the track “Under God” which happens to be my favorite track on the album for it’s hardcore flavor. Also joining in is Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red on “Set Apart”, and Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D on “The Only Name”.

After non-stop Jamming of “Immortal” for the last few days I felt like the overall album had a really great flow. The more I listened to it the more my neck began to hurt, THIS ONE IS A HEADBANGER!